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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tatting Inspirations

Now that I'm getting going with tatting, I thought I should look around the web for some interesting projects.  There are LOTS to be found and so here's a quick highlight of a few of the ones that caught my eye.

From  -- this neat button spider...
... and the front and back of a Celtic Wreath.  This involves two pieces, one smaller piece in red and one green that are made up to a certain point, interwoven, and then finished off in green.  Cool.

From, this super adorable hedgehog and lots of other free patterns AND a whole set of how-to info at  Is he adorable?!  I love him!

From Jane Eborall at, these lovely beaded autumn leaves, a seqined bowl, this lovely pendant and plenty of other goodies. 

From Jon at Tat-a-Renda patterns (, you'll find this sweet beaded daisy pin along with patterns for snowflakes, hearts, bookmarks, doilies and edgings.

From, you'll find this AMAZING mini-teacup and saucer set under the category 'Decorations, Household & Tool'.  Look at how small these are!  I love these... almost as much as the hedgehog!

And last, but certainly far from least, these STUNNING tatted flower work by Linda at  She even shows how she assembled this arrangement for her daughter-in-law's bathroom!  Wow!
Some truly beautiful and inspiring tatting work.  Now, back to my adventures with picots!

Have a super day!