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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Butterfly Suncatcher

This was an ultra-quickie craft that I couldn't resist making in about 5 minutes this afternoon.  Instead of using this for a greeting card, I cut it on colored transparent paper* to hang in my window.  I'm such a sucker for papercrafts, especially ones that involve just a few folds and a few snips.  Lovely!
I took a hexagonal piece of transparent paper.

* Actually, I just realized that I'm not sure what this is called outside of Germany!  It is like tracing paper that's colored - thicker, stiffer and waxier than tissue paper.

Anyway, I folded that in half 3 times to get a nice triangle, then I folded that in half once more and cut as you see here, with the center of the triangle on the bottom.

On opening it up just once, you see the simplified butterfly shape which then becomes 6 when opened completely.

Have a lovely day!